Jumat, 12 Juli 2013

[in picture] Tarawih at Karawang Grand Mosque

Karawang Grand Mosque or Masjid Agung Karawang, historically is the first and the eldest mosque in Karawang and probably in West Java province. This mosque history dating back to 1418 when Shech Quro together with his family and companions arrived at swamp area in western Jawa Island. ‘Swamp area’ in local language called ‘Karawa-an’ and later on become Karawang.

Soon, up on arrival, sheikh Quro established da’wah place called “pengguron sheikh Quro”. A small modest mosque or mushalla than build at that place. Nothing left from that very early mosque. The present day Mosque was build by Karawang Government in the exact place of Sheikh Quro Mushollah. Enjoy the picture.